A corporate coup?

The government lockdown to control the Covid virus is the most draconian event since WW2. We call for a government of national unity.

Instead it looks as if, in a replay of 2008, all the government’s big corporate backers will get handouts enabling them to survive and then prosper, eventually swallowing up another big chunk of the economy as those outside the favoured circle go bankrupt.

Coffee Plant owner Ian Henshall is calling for the following measures to avoid a massive slump

  1. Extend the staff furlough system into a no quibble immediate universal benefit at living wage levels. This is known as a citizens income, it would cut out the welfare bureaucracy, cost less than the current financial bailouts and much of it would be recouped in tax. It would put cash into the parts of the economy which really need it.
  2. Business rates relief is welcome but we also need rent relief for any business forced to close by the lockdown
  3. Contingency plans now for the possibility that the supply chains break down including ration books and penalties for hoarders and racketeers
  4. Public ownership of any corporate entity which becomes insolvent and demands a state handout
  5. A royal Commission made up of genuinely independent experts charged with examining

a. The effect of ten years of vindictive and unnecessary attacks on NHS workers

b. The government’s failure after four months warning to provide adequate testing, emergency beds or protective equipment

c. The UK and NATO countries’ role in the instigation and fuelling of ghastly illegal wars in the Middle East including Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria