A No Deal Brexit – Coffee Supplies Safe

Even a no deal Brexit should leave coffee supplies safe.

A lot of our coffee comes through Antwerp on its journey to the UK. Should you be worrying that we will run out or pay more in the event of a no deal Brexit?

We don’t think so. Here’s why…

Green coffee (ie before its roasted in our roastery) carries no tariff, not within the EU as of now, and not under the World Trade Organisation rules which would kick in after a no deal Brexit.

The various governments have promised they will do everything they can to expedite procedures in a no deal scenario and the Brits are talking about everything coming in tariff free. They certainly don’t want to clog up the system with products that are tariff free.

Personal comment from Coffee Plant boss Ian Henshall: this is the most incompetent government in my lifetime, shielded from public outrage by the ever loyal tory press monopolies and the BBC which follows their agenda