Appeal to two highly motivated interest groups with our fully certified top quality well priced arabica beans. These customers will choose you before a competitor and give you valuable word of mouth publicity and extra sales for no extra outlay.

Coffee bars

Coffee bars love our delicious high grown pure arabica organic Fairtrade espresso coffee beans, available in various strengths. We can even do special roasts (min 20kg per week). Our attractive point of sale signs confirm the coffee is organic Fairtrade. We have our own coffee shop and you can arrange to visit our shop one afternoon for a chat or send over your head barista for a session with our experienced staff.
We can supply rent free machinery to high turnover outlets and advise on lease buy solutions.


You can order any of the packs in our retail section through this website and mix your order. They are fresher than most competitors and offer you a very good margin. They are not widely available, so customers will return to you. The best sellers are also available through Marigold Health Foods.

Delis: as well as our prepacked range we supply about 30 types of loose beans for you to grind and pack.

Extras: teas, cocoa powder and sugar

We offer a delicious range of paper bleach free untagged teabags including organic Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey, organic Green tea and many herb teas. We also supply dual certified sugar, Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder (tip: make up a sauce each day to make a more chocolately hot chocolate).

Cups and point of sale

We can supply 8oz and 12oz cups and lids with our logo stating the coffee is organic Fairtrade and supplied by us. We can also supply signs for you to display.

More Information

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