Organic Fairtrade coffee

By offering dual certified coffee you will appeal to two highly motivated interest groups. Many customers will choose you before a competitor and give you valuable word of mouth publicity, as we have found in our own shop in London’s Portobello Road market.

Coffee bars

Coffee bars love our delicious high grown pure arabica organic Fairtrade espresso coffee beans. They come in various strengths ranging from quite mild Colombian or Honduras to the stronger Espresso 2.
We are best suited to customers using 5 to 50 kg weekly who value our values and our close attention to quality, roasting consistency and freshness. We have our own coffee shop and you can arrange to visit our shop one afternoon for a chat or send over your head barista for a session with our experienced staff.
We offer “free” machinery to high turnover outlets but we would advise you consider lease buy. For about £30 per week you can be free to choose your supplier.
Another pitfall is cheap unstable coffee which makes a reasonable cup under perfect conditions but quickly becomes bitter if the machines are slightly out of setting or your barista is having a bad day.
We can visit and offer advice but do not offer ongoing training or machine servicing. As experienced coffee shop owners we believe there is no alternative to having at least one fully trained barista on site to deal with these issues.


Our range of valve packs are dual certified, fresh and offer you a very good margin. They are not widely available, so customers will return to you. You can mix orders. We advise you try one or two of each type initially.
If you can sell 40 or more packs a month it will be worth your while to order direct from us. For less you could go through Marigold our distributors.
Delis: we supply about 30 types of loose beans for you to grind and pack.

Extras: teas, cocoa powder and sugar

We offer a delicious range of basic bleach free untagged teabags including organic Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey, organic Green tea and many herb teas. We have a good price on unrefined organic sugar, organic cocoa powder and the finest organic Belgian chocolate. “Drinking chocolate powder” is mostly made from sugar and skim milk. It cannot be unsweetened. You can make a delicious hot chocolate using our organic cocoa powder so the customer can decide how much sugar to add. (tip: make up a sauce each day).

Cups and point of sale

We can supply 8oz and 12oz cups and lids with our logo stating the coffee is organic Fairtrade and supplied by us. We can also supply signs for you to display.