All about the milk

We know there is a wide choice of milk nowadays. Almond and soy are our best selling after “real ” milk.

But what do we mean by “real ” milk? It’s easy to forget that cow’s milk comes in several forms: skimmed, semi skimmed, full cream, and each can be homogenised although this is much harder to find.

After years of trying it both ways, I find that it is better to use full cream milk than skimmed or semi skimmed. I simply get more flavour, writes Coffee Plant owner Ian Henshall.

The reason is simple: the flavour molecules in coffee attach themselves to the fat cells in the milk and these linger longer in your mouth, transferring more flavour to your sense organs

Yes but what about slimmers? Here’s the surprise – at least for my palette. When I tried full cream again I realised I had been using far more semi skimmed to make up for the loss of flavour. It could even be that I am getting fewer calories used and it’s certainly the case that my drink comes out hotter.