Another gift from that nice Mr Sunak

For those who like us were allowed to stay open, Covid has not necessarily been the financial disaster it has been for others. It seems almost unfair that we have received so much in rants and reduced VAT. Of course it’s not over yet, business wise the worst may be soon to come as competitors reopen and chase reduced demand.

But for now we want to spread Mr Sunak’s gifts more widely. You will have noticed that we have a madly generous loyalty card with an extra drink after every 5, our response to the VAT cut.

In addition, Coffee Plant donated  £1,000 to a small scale Peruvian charity to plant food trees on reclaimed ranch land. As agriculturists confirm, the tricky bit is not planting but maintaining the plants for their first few years and we know that this charity is there for the long haul. They also do research into the ecology of the area and support and teach graduates in related subjects.

For more information on how this project you can visit