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New team in the shop

If you haven’t been in our shop lately you will notice the team has changed. Michele the manager has been with us for two years but Raluca, Aylin and Ciar are new, following on from our summer team of Amro and Amira. Like most places we are not as busy making cups of coffee as pre-Covid and are managing…

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Masks please

Coffee Plant owner Ian Henshall says: “I have never know a time when there has been a wider range of opinion on something than current issues with Covid. Some customers are getting quite agitated if we remind them to wear a mask, saying the threat is exaggerated or even a hoax. Who knows, they may be right. Since the…

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Nestle’s KitKats no longer Fair Trade

That’s the bad news, but there is good news too, a massive public reaction that has seen 250,000 signatures collected. MPs have spoken out too, with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fairtrade condemning this decision strongly, after grilling Nestlé representatives in Parliament. Nestle have not been shamed into reversing their decision but say they will maintain some Fairtrade values…

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