Coffee cup myths. The solution. And a “conspiracy theory”

We know the problem: they might say they are recyclable but in practice they are not. Literally billions of takeaway coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each year. Who is to blame? The MSM says it’s the coffee industry but it’s also the waste contractors who have failed to install the right machines. They do exist, that’s why the cups are claimed to be recyclable.

There are pressures for a cup tax like the successful plastic bag tax. More recently in the budget (remember that?) the Chancellor floated the idea of a compulsory warning. Hopefully this would not be quite as frightening as one of today’s cigarette packets.

So it’s use your own cup, install recycling machines, pay a surcharge or see a depressing picture of plastic waste on you coffee cup.

There is another solution. Make cups out of natural materials which can be recycled or composted, ie are truly recyclable. These cups are beginning to appear but progress is at a snail’s pace. Oddly, in the endless discussions of this important issue MSM journalists barely mention the obvious. What’s the problem? Because it’s bad news for the cups industry who have squillions invested in factories making the current bad news cups. Oh but hang on – that would be a “conspiracy theory”! So it’s wrong of course. Please don’t censor us, Facebook…