Compostible? Biodegradeable? – Don’t believe it

Here is a shocker. Did you know that claims that plastic bags or coffee cups are compostible or biodegradeable are often false?

The truth is that it all depends on what happens when your waste is collected. If it goes to an industrial compost process at 70 degrees centigrade, yes it will probably compost.

But in our area (Kensington and Chelsea) they have a more traditional system to deal with compost. Plastic bags in the compost collection just make things worse because it will be redirected to the general waste.

If you are concerned about the environment there is plenty you can do.

1. use one of our resealable, reusable bags for your beans or ground coffee

2. Use your own flask for takeaway.

3. Lobby for general standards to stop irresponsible claims that plastic is compostible when it isn’t


A good way to help the environment is to buy organic Fairtade coffee which is very unlikely to be grown as monoculture on virgin forest land. Just how unlikely this is, we are investigating. Watch this space…