Is your chocolate exploiting farmers?

It’s not just coffee. Coffee Plant sells lots of Fairtrade certified cocoa and chocolate too. Its pretty bad out there for most farmers outside the Fairtrade system.

The Fairtade Foundation writes:

Many of the cocoa farmers in Western Africa working on the current cocoa harvest earn less than US$1 dollar a day.

Fairtrade has already taken significant measures to increase the amount cocoa farmers earn. We are the only certification scheme to focus on price and publicly campaign for farmers’ right to a living income. This includes an increase to the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium by 20 percent from October 1st 2019.

Fairtrade is having a positive impact in the cocoa category – such as sales volumes for Fairtrade cocoa surging by 57% and €44 million being paid to cocoa producers.

This means farmers have been able to invest in agricultural tools, trainings and infrastructures.