Make your own blend!

Most of our coffees are single origin, but that’s not because they are better than blends. Blends can taste better, but many customers seem to prefer a back story to their coffee which House Blend or Espresso Blend does not offer.

Commercially the secrets of blending can be tightly guarded and blends very complex. The ingredients list can be long with key elements like Kenyan or robusta used at the five percent level or lower

Quite a few customers do work out their own blend from the single origins they get from us, all you have to do is to order each ingredient and make the blend clear on the online instructions section where your message is read by a human being.

What makes up a good blend is hard to predict, but there are some tips. Use more of the smoother or milder component of your blend, so for instance you could try one part Guatemala medium roast to two parts Sumatran or Ethiopian.

You can take this a lot further though. One part Italian roast to three parts of something mild like Brasil Santos or Costa Rican will kill the burnt taste that some people dislike, while giving an essentially mild coffee some extra strength.