News Roundup

Things are changing fast around our shop on “The Bello” with the new more relaxed Covid rules. It’s busier and the demand for our two outside tables is intense. This weekend will see the reopening of the antiques market too where we have a one day per week outlet.

We are looking for a full time staff member for the shop for about two months to cover holidays starting in the next week or two. If you have good barista skills go round to the shop with your CV and Michelle the manager will try you out.

Meanwhile in Europe, that now distant land, Brexit issues are getting worse not better. The so-called deal was totally misrepresented. In effect Europe is closed to small businesses and customs authorities in each of the 27 countries are making up the rules as they go along. We have now partnered with an EU based roastery for our large customers, but retail customers will just have to go elsewhere for now and possibly for ever.

This is certainly not what people voted for in the very narrow referendum result four years ago.