Last week’s election result saw the end of many people’s hopes for a government that would pursue justice here in the UK and internationally. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn would have taxed the rich to restore pubic services and recognised Palestine’s right to exist, to take just two issues. But it put him up against the billionaire media and the Israel lobby. Labour made mistakes but did not deserve a defeat primarily down to an unprecedented smear campaign across the mainstream media, and years of guerilla war by centrist Labourites against the leadership.

What has this got to do with Coffee Plant?

Plenty. Elections are every five years but we have far more power than that, the power of our pockets for instance. We can choose to pay small amounts subscribing to alternative media outlets so they can do a better job. We can spend our money wisely on Fairtrade and organic produce, helping both the planet and the near destitute coffee small holders in places like Colombia and Peru.