Organic is the healthiest

Organic is good for you!

A massive survey of over 70,000 people in France over a four year period found that organic food eaters were 20% less likely to contract cancer, with skin and breast cancers dropping by one third.

The new findings are consistent with those of the International Agency for Research in Cancer, which found pesticides are cancer causing in humans.

Up to now the chemical industries has persuaded governments to approve weed and insect poisons suspected of causing harm.

Critics may say that the link is due to organic eaters having a healthier lifestyle, but even people who ate low-to-medium quality diets yet stuck with organic food experienced a reduced risk of cancer.

One more thought: if this is what befalls people in the West who are eating only traces of the poisons, what effect do the poisons have on the third world farmers who handle and spray them, desperate to increase their yields and in many cases unaware they are risking their health?