Problems in the Real World Too

The politics obsessed western media has hardly noticed but Central America has been hit by one of the most destructive hurricanes on record. Hurricane Eta has mainly affected Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, three coffee growing countries whose coffee we roast at Coffee Plant.

Eta has dumped anywhere between 15 and 25 inches of rain­ with a potential of going as high as 40 inches, causing deadly mudslides and damage across the region.

But the good news is that coffee growing is often not as badly affected: governments in producing countries tend to prioritise the needs of the industry, like good roads to deliver the coffee for export.

Is this a good thing? Yes but only if the revenues are used to help the 99% rather than the one percent.

It’s not only nature: Nicaragua is under intense political attack from Washington while Honduras was the victim of a military coup organised by Hilary Clinton when she was in the Obama admin. The good news is that we supply organic Fairtrade coffee from all three origins.