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Welcome to our sundries department

We are not competing here on our range, but we think these products represent the best chocolate (for cooking or eating), the best raw sugar and, using the cocoa, a route to the best hot chocolate.

Organic fondant chocolate

It almost seems a waste to use this chocolate (presented as professional “buttons”) for cooking when it is delicious in a snack size bag. The milk chocolate is exceptional. This is perhaps a result of the organic milk and sugar in the ingredients.

Organic cocoa powder

Most hot chocolate powders skimp on the cocoa, so anyone who likes their chocolate to taste chocolatey has to gets lots of extra sugar as well. Make your own hot chocolate by making a sauce with cocoa powder and as much or little sugar and milk powder as you like. Caterers: make up your sauce in advance and you can offer the customer a richer, less sweet drink. They can add their own sugar. You can even use our chocolate for a luxury drink.

Organic sugar

This delicious sugar is partially unrefined. It has a light brown sandy texture.

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