Reforesting Peru

Coffee Plant uses a lot of organic Fairtrade Peru coffee. As well as supporting Fairtade in general we also support TReeS, a gress roots group supporting the reforestation of an ex-ranch (30 hectares) in Madre de Dios, south-east Peru, by APRONIA  a local organisation for homeless children. Madre de Dios is known as the ‘biological capital’ of the world and holds world records for birds (600+ species) and butterflies (1200+ species).

TReeS has already supported the reforestation of 4 hectares of abandoned grassland with a mix of cacao, brazil-nut, banana, citrus and timber species. Over time the fruit trees will be replaced with other timber species.

The project prepares the land, nurtures the seedlings, plants them out and maintains the trees for £1 each. The plan is to plant another 2+ hectares in 2019-20  each hectare requires approximately 2,000 seedlings.
The trees planted 5 years ago are now 3-5 metres tall, the cacao trees are covered in pods and the citrus trees are expected to produce 40 tonnes of fruit in 2019.

Got a bad conscience over your carbon use? Taking multiple plane flights while the atmosphere cooks? Then TReeS recommends you to check out this site to work out your carbon useage.

You can then donate the money you owe to the project. It’s surprisingly little (eg return flight to Athens £11), we suspect too little – so you might want to double it. TReeS bank account number: 00574637 Sort code: 30 99 83. Their email address is