Kenya Peaberry Gourmet Coffee Beans in 250g Valve Pack

£5.40 per bag

Kenya with a strong and slightly nutty flavour. This is the same Kenya Peaberry available in our medium-strong roast section but unground in 250g valve packs.


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The Kenya Peaberry bean is a specialist coffee which can command high prices for this reason. It is indeed a very unusual bean, as it is actually a genetic defect: normally, two flat-sided beans form inside a coffee cherry, but sometimes, a single bean does. Historically, there was a tendency to discard those ‘abnormal’ beans, but nowadays they are sought after.

Although this natural mutation occurs in 5 to 10% of coffee cherries -that is, relatively often-  we don’t see them as much on the market, as separating them from the normal beans requires specific equipment that smaller farms lack, so they are only available from large estates with the right machines.

Kenya Peaberry beans are appreciated by coffee lovers everywhere thanks to their distinctive flavour. Some roasters believe that it is due to the fact that, because of their round, even shape, they roast in a more uniform way. Whether this is true or not, the beans are extremely flavoursome, as is often the case for a smaller coffee bean like this one.

Although Kenya Peaberry beans are most often used with filters or cafetières, they make an equally delicious mild latte or cappuccino. Our beans are roasted to a medium-strong roast.

Grown at altitudes of 1,700-1,800 meters above sea level

Harvested between June and August

Milled by washing and drying in the sun

Has the aroma of faint lemony notes with a rich body

These beans are suitable for: mild latte, mild cappuccino, filter and cafetières.

Did you realise: our coffee packs are always 250gms, not 225 grams as is often the case with mass market coffee.

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