Papua New Guinea Gourmet Coffee Beans in 250g Valve Pack

£5.40 per bag

An excellent rich flavour, reminiscent of Kenyan. This is the same Papua New Guinea available in our medium-mild roast section but unground in 250g valve packs.


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This medium roast far eastern coffee is great for filter, cafetiere, espresso or a mild cappuccino or latte. A well balanced coffee it has a rich, full range of flavors. Grown from a Kenyan variety this is reminiscent of Kenyan coffee in the combination of strength and flavor.

Growing Altitude – 1,300 – 1,600 above sea level

Milling Process – washed, Sun dried

Harvest period – June – August

Aroma – Fruit and Sweet floral`s reminiscent of African coffee

Did you realize: our coffee packs are always 250 grams, not 225 grams as is often the case with mass market coffee.

Additional information

Minimum order 1 bag
Weight 0.25 kg


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