Espresso No 3 Blend Organic Fairtrade

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The same beans as in Espresso 2 but more strongly roasted. This blend will make a strong espresso and a strong latte.

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If you are a regular customer of ours, you might think that this coffee sounds familiar. And you would be right as it is the same blend as our very popular Espresso No 2, a blend of Latin American Arabica coffee beans which we use for our shots in our Noting Hill shop. Here, however, they were toasted more strongly, and if you are not afraid of tachycardia and sleepless nights, Espresso No 3 is just the thing for you!

Despite its strength, this blend delivers a robust drink but without the bitterness that mass market strong roast coffees can have. They are then roasted with the greatest attention under the experienced eye of our master roaster, who ensures that these great beans are treated as well during this ultimate stage of their preparation before reaching your cup as they were when they were growing.

What makes Espresso No 3 so appreciated is its versatility as you can user these beans for a strong espresso or even a cappuccino -or a latte if you like milky drinks. Because of its excellent quality, this blend can be run on a very fine grind yielding both body and strength.

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