Italian Roast Organic Fairtrade

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For strong espresso and cappuccino. Both organic and Fairtrade sourced. This is similar to our non organic Italian roast, but this one is more flavoursome and a richer coffee. A blend of fine Latin American arabicas including Guatemalan and Peru.

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Cappuccino, latte, espresso: there’s a reason why the main coffee drinks are known by their original Italian names all around the world: Italians are very serious about coffee and particularly strong coffee.

This product is a mix of Guatemalan beans, known for their sweet taste and chocolate notes, and Peruvian beans with a full body. To give them the caffeine kick our clients are looking for, we roast them as an Italian roast to give them a strength that any Italian would approve of! It is indeed one of the strongest roasts we offer, and a favourite among our customers after intense tastes. It makes a strong espresso or latte and is almost too strong for a cappuccino.

To let the character of these two coffees express themselves fully, the Peruvian and Guatemalan beans are roasted to slightly different levels by our master roaster who determines, by eye, when they are ready. Like for all the coffees we sell, we don’t use computer-controlled profiles to make this all-important decision! This roast is very similar to our basic Italian roast, but, with this blend, we use top-quality organic Fairtrade beans to get the high standards we pride ourselves on maintaining.

This coffee is also available in 250g valve bags.

Did you know our ordering system allows you to create your own blends? Order each component of the blend separately and than tell us what do do in the special information box. We can then blend it and if required grind it, saving you a potentially messy kitchen worktop

Blending tip: when deciding on a mixed roast blend it usually works better to have more of the milder roast, less of the stronger.

Blending tip: even the strongest roast can be mixed with a normal tasting blend – so long as you use very little. Start by trying one part in four.

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1 review for Italian Roast Organic Fairtrade

  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this rich and flavoursome coffee. It is my new favourite alongside Cuban and Rwanda Washing Station, followed by Monsooned Malabar.

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