Monsooned Malabar

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For all methods. Unique Indian Coffee on an Italian roast,  this is a coffee distinctive to the lush Malabar Coast of Kerala and Kamataka. The harvested beans are left exposed to the Monsoon, giving it a unique flavour and notes of spice.

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This unique Indian Coffee can be used for all methods of brewing but mostly taken with sugar and/or milk. We roast it on a super dark Italian Roast which has massive strength but also preserves the unique monsooned flavor.

The monsooning process consists of exposing raw coffee beans in 10 cm thick piles to moisture-laden monsoon winds in a well ventilated brick or concrete floored warehouse to prevent mold. The process gives a unique flavor and is carried out on the west coast of India.

Growing Altitude- 1,100 -1,200 meters above sea level.

Harvest period – October- February.

Process- special Monsooned.

Aroma – Spicy, Earthy, Smokey.

Our coffee beans are roasted by eye by our experienced roaster with no computer controlled temperature profiles to make the decisions. This is just one aspect of the care we use to maintain the fine flavor our customers expect.

Did you know our ordering system allows you to create your own blends? Order each component of the blend separately and than tell us what do do in the special information box. We can then blend it and if required grind it, saving you a potentially messy kitchen worktop

Blending tip: when deciding on a mixed roast blend it usually works better to have more of the milder roast, less of the stronger.

Blending tip: even the strongest roast can be mixed with a normal tasting blend – so long as you use very little. Start by trying one part in four.

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1 review for Monsooned Malabar

  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    I love this coffee, it is delicious and full of flavour yet not acidic which means that it is also better for my health, a win win situation!

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