Peru Continental Roast Organic Fairtrade

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For all methods. On a light continental roast, this coffee has an incredibly flavoursome profile and aroma with a smooth and nutty, lightly continental.

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Peru isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think about coffee. While it is perhaps less well-known than Colombia or Brasil, it has definitely gained recognition in the universe of coffee lovers over the past decade. It isn’t surprising after all, as the country has all the right conditions to grow excellent coffee: the right climate, Arabica beans with a distinguished pedigree, as well as pro-active coffee co-ops that have been working tirelessly to ensure that the industry can be profitable for coffee farmers, so much so that Peru is actually the largest exporter of Fairtrade coffees.

We offer these Peruvian Arabica beans as a full continental roast with absolutely no other beans blended into it. This coffee has a strong clear taste, particularly as it cools down, and displays many of the flavours characteristic of medium roast Peru. If you have tasted our Espresso No 2 Blend, you are already familiar with it as it is its stronger ingredient.

This single origin coffee makes a strong espresso, and is perfect for a latte or other milky coffee. Latte drinkers will be delighted to get a full flavoured drink hard to buy on the mass market.

Did you know our ordering system allows you to create your own blends? Order each component of the blend separately and than tell us what do do in the special information box. We can then blend it and if required grind it, saving you a potentially messy kitchen worktop

Blending tip: when deciding on a mixed roast blend it usually works better to have more of the milder roast, less of the stronger.

Blending tip: even the strongest roast can be mixed with a normal tasting blend – so long as you use very little. Start by trying one part in four.

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