House Blend Organic Fairtrade 250g Ground Valve Pack

£5.40 per bag

This pure arabica with Latin American flavours is one of our most popular coffees and suitable for all day drinking for most tastes. Ground for all methods.


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A rich medium roast for filter or cafetiere.

250 grams ground for all methods

This blend of medium roasted Central American arabica`s is designed for reliability and familiarity. It’s popular with offices, caterers and others who have to cater for a range of different tastes. It could be described as like a medium supermarket coffee but sparkling with freshness. It’s impossible to please everyone but we hope that when served to groups of people or visitors most of them will put it somewhere between acceptable and delicious.

Our for all methods grind is finer than many other producers. This helps the flavor to seep into your drink. For mass market suppliers there is a problem with this: over time a finer grind will lead to faster staling on supermarket shelves. But our direct distribution ensures that our coffee is fresh and benefits from the finer grind.

We have designed this for all methods grind to work in a cafetiere, filter or stove top machine. Note: when coffee is ground for all methods it cannot be perfect. Where available it can help to use the specific grind. So a cafetiere grind will make larger grounds and reduce any sediment at the bottom of your cup. A filter grind will slow down the infusion and get more out.

As the roast of the coffee gets stronger the grind needed gets finer, so a continental roast will run through very fast while a medium to mild coffee using the same system will go through very slowly.

Did you realize: our coffee packs are always 250 grams, not 225 grams as is often the case with mass market coffee.

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