Brasil Miaki PN Yellow Bourbon 250G

£5.40 per bag

Heavy bodied with a cream-like mouthfeel, butterscotch, hazelnut brittle and a long, lingering finish. This coffee features a sweet taste and its fragrance includes notes of fresh walnuts and almonds. Its body becomes pronounced with smooth acidity.

 This is the same Brasil Yellow available in our medium-mild roast section but unground in 250g valve packs.


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Roasted on a medium/mild roast. This has proven so popular that we now stock it as standard and not a special guest coffee. In a nutshell it’s like Brasil Santos on steroids: richer and with more flavor. The full smooth body has the same richness while the flavor is still delicate but a little stronger and clearer, with notes of Caramel, Almond and Walnuts, and the low acidity that many coffee drinkers prefer.

Growing Altitude- 800 – 1,350 meters above sea level.

Milling Process- washed and sun dried.

Harvest period- June – September.

Aroma- Caramel, Almond, Walnuts.

Did you realize: our coffee packs are always 250 grams, not 225 grams as is often the case with mass market coffee.

Additional information

Minimum order 1 bag
Weight 0.25 kg


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