Congo Organic Fairtrade

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Coffee beans from Congo usually have a sweet taste with heavy and full body. Since the beans are grown at high altitudes, they are high grown and dense meaning they can stand high temperatures when roasting and thus suitable for light continental roasts. The flavor profile is similar to Burundi and Rwandan coffee beans and shares the same conditions for growth.

Common flavor for these beans is notes of citrus and dark fruits like the berries and plums with live, bright and light acidity. The aroma is pleasant and chocolaty like.

growing altitude – 2,000 -2,200 meters above sea level.

Harvest Period – September- November 

Milling Process – Naturally washed 

Aroma –  With notes delivering stewed rhubarb, tangy acidity and peach tea, this coffee is delicate but complex.

Our coffee beans are roasted by eye by our experienced roaster with no computer controlled temperature profiles to make the decisions. This is just one aspect of the care we use to maintain the fine flavour our customers expect.

Did you know our ordering system allows you to create your own blends? Order each component of the blend separately and than tell us what do do in the special information box. We can then blend it and if required grind it, saving you a potentially messy kitchen worktop

Blending tip: when deciding on a mixed roast blend it usually works better to have more of the milder roast, less of the stronger.

Blending tip: even the strongest roast can be mixed with a normal tasting blend – so long as you use very little. Start by trying one part in four.

Additional information

Minimum order 0.1 kg
Weight 1 kg
Grind choice

Beans only – per kg (save 40p per kg), Coarse – per kg (old style percolators, cafetiere), Filter – per kg (filter machines, domestic espresso, stove top espresso), Medium – per kg (cafetiere), Medium to Fine – per kg (hand held filter, cafetiere, domestic espresso), Powder – per kg (only suitable for “Turkish” coffee), Professional Espresso – per kg (commercial and some high end machines)


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