Honduras organic Fairtrade

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This fine Central American washed arabica has a unique range of flavours, much superior to regular Honduras from the big bulk producers. Suitable for a medium sweet espresso or a mild latte as well as filter and cafetiere systems.

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Although coffee was farmed in Honduras since the 19th century, it is only more recently that the country has caught up with its Central American cousins, due to a lack of infrastructure, coffee rust epidemics caused by heavy rainfall and difficulties to dry the beans.

Over the years, the IHCAFE, the Honduran Coffee Institute, has worked tirelessly to encourage farmers to find more efficient ways to dry their coffees beans, to use varietals that are more resistant to diseases and to concentrate on high-quality beans. The Institute was also heavily involved in the organisation and promotion of the country’s Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions which brought Honduran coffee to the attention of the international scene. Nowadays, Honduran coffee has gained its place among the best coffees in the world, to the great delight of coffee lovers who can enjoy its subtle and complex tastes.

We have carefully selected a washed Arabica coffee with a unique range of flavours such as vanilla chocolate and hazelnut, much superior to regular Honduran coffee from the big bulk producers. Roasted to a medium strong roast, it is suitable for a medium sweet espresso or a mild latte and can be brewed using filters or cafetières.

Grown at altitudes of 1,100-1,650 meters above sea level

Harvested between November and April

Milled by washing and drying in the sun

Has the aroma of vanilla chocolate and hazelnut

These beans are suitable for: medium sweet espresso, mild latte, filters and cafetières.

This coffee is also available in 250g valve bags.

Did you know our ordering system allows you to create your own blends? Order each component of the blend separately and than tell us what do do in the special information box. We can then blend it and if required grind it, saving you a potentially messy kitchen worktop

Blending tip: when deciding on a mixed roast blend it usually works better to have more of the milder roast, less of the stronger.

Blending tip: even the strongest roast can be mixed with a normal tasting blend – so long as you use very little. Start by trying one part in four.

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  1. Suzy Gillett (verified owner)

    Nice and rounded not bitter.

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