1 Cup Breakfast Blend Organic Teabags

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A robust blend of Assam for flavour and Tanzanian for strength, this tea makes a strong brew with a rich and full-bodied flavour. These 1 cup teabags are not as strong as our 2 cup teabags. Available in 60 or 100 bag packs.

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Our organic Breakfast Blend is a robust blend of Assam for its flowery flavour and Tanzanian tea for strength.

Assam tea having a higher caffeine content than others, it is the one most often used in so called ‘breakfast teas’. What makes Assam tea special is that the leaves go through an oxidation process after being harvested and withered, which results in chemical changes giving it its unique flavour and colour.

Our Assam tea is a combination of half broken leaf orthodox and half ‘Crush, Tear, Curl’, a process in which leaves are crushed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth into small pellets, instead of being rolled into strips as is the case with orthodox tea processing, so you are getting the best of both worlds.

We offer these tea bags in 2 variations. The one-cup tea bags are smaller, and for this reason, the Assam dominates giving a finer, lighter and more aromatic drink; the two-cup bags are normal strength and will be better suited to a good-sized mug. They will make a strong brew with a rich and full-bodied flavour which is very popular with both our retail and catering customers.

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