Breakfast Blend Loose tea

£3.80 per pack

A robust blend of Assam for flavour and Tanzanian for strength, this tea makes a strong brew with a rich and full-bodied flavour.


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There are two categories of tea lovers: those who think that you cannot make a good cup of tea unless you brew it from loose tea, and those who swear by tea bags.

Whichever category you belong to, one thing is certain: Assam tea has always been a popular choice.

With a subtle, flowery flavour, it nevertheless has more caffeine than other teas and for that reason is a perfect choice for a breakfast tea when you need that extra little help in the morning to get you started! It is indeed a favourite among our retail and catering customers.

We combine it with Tanzanian tea for a stronger taste, so you get the best of both worlds depending on how you brew your tea. It can give you a fresh, light infusion with or without milk if you brew it weakly, or a stronger cup for a dark full-strength tea (dare we say builder’s tea?!).

Our organic loose tea contains half-broken leaf orthodox and half ‘Crush, Tear, Curl’ Assam tea, a process which passes the leaves through cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth to crush them, then compact them into small pellets rather than rolling leaf strips as is done with orthodox tea processing.

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