Darjeeling Leaf

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Darjeeling has a tiny annual production making this a highly prized tea. This is a rich blend of estate teas and stronger than some other available Darjeelings.

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Available in 125gs and 250g packs

Produced in the warm, humid climates of West Bengal where fresh, clean air imbues the leaves with delightfully floral aromas. Worldwide Darjeeling is perhaps the best known Indian tea. When made, this excellent Indian black tea makes a pale brew, which on steeping develops strong fruit flavours like lemon and mandarin.

Darjeeling enthusiasts say it is best enjoyed when drunk without the addition of milk, sugar or lemon, but others would disagree! Those who find the fruit aromas just too strong by themselves and prefer a sweeter option can try honey – healthier than sugar – or use Coffee Plant Fairtrade pure cane sugar.

This Darjeeling is a blend with some stronger than normal leaves, this makes the tea more suitable to the English palate.

Unlike our coffees, our teas are all sold pre-packed. We source them ourselves, cut and blend them if necessary on the premises before packing them is small runs.

Teas mixed on the premises include Organic Breakfast Tea and herbal blends like Sleepeasy.

Before being exported teas are usually processed at origin. Black teas are fermented while drying and Green Teas are dried faster and not allowed to ferment.

Of the fermented black teas the strongest are teas that go through the (self-explanatory) crush tear and curl process known as CTC. But even just having small sized pieces (ie fannings) can make tea stronger as the surface area is increased.


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