Soil Association worried: Will the Tories Betray Brexit Promises?

Many people voted Brexit because they believed the promises of the Brexiteers. Even recently the government were still promising a green Brexit. But now the Soil Association are worried as a no deal Brexit promises to leave the UK little bargaining power as they try to make deals with the US and other very ungreen regimes.

“A damaging no-deal Brexit is now a very real prospect. It’s therefore crucial that the Government is held to account and reminded of its promises of a ‘Green Brexit’, and the pressing challenges of a rapidly warming climate, wildlife collapse, and public health impacts of increasingly ultra-processed foods. There must be no backtracking on these pledges in the rush to secure trade deals with very different standards for food and farming”.

“Find out more about the Government’s ‘Green Brexit’ promises here. We have written a report interrogating the Government’s commitment, and have sent a copy to the new Defra Secretary of State. We hope to meet the new Ministerial team very soon to make the case for ambitious domestic policies and highlight the risk to our high standards through hasty trade deals”.