Some good news on the recycling front!

Bio-Bean the company who take away our spent coffee grounds have introduced a new product.

As well as making the coffee grounds into fuel they have now developed a way to make them into building and other materials. This is known as upcycling as it saves on the use of diminishing raw materials and energy for extraction costs, transport etc

Click here for their website.

Here is what they say.

Inficaf is our new, sustainable raw material made from upcycled spent coffee grounds, which we take from UK businesses at every scale, helping to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Inficaf is consistent in particle size, moisture content and bulk density, making it adaptable for businesses seeking to create transformative change by displacing virgin or synthetic materials whilst also reducing waste.

For example, Inficaf is a valuable, sustainable filler for plant-based polymers, replacing traditional mineral fillers. It can also be used as a filler for traditional plastics and composites, displacing the use of virgin petrochemicals.

Alternatively, from an exfoliant in cosmetics and skincare products to bio-based printing inks or fibres in textiles, Inficaf offers endless possibilities for sustainable product innovations.