Some tips on blending coffee

If you come to a supplier like Coffee Plant, your coffee will be more freshly roasted and we only grind and pack when we get your order. This helps ensure freshness but also gives you the opportunity to order blends.

Most of our customers seem to prefer single origin, maybe you blend at home so you can have something different each day.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started on the blending trail.

There are two basic approaches: same roast strength or different strengths. Same roast strength is straightforward, your coffee blend will be different but not radically different from your normal origin at the same roast.

It’s interesting what you can do with mixed roast blends. For example you may not like Italian roast at all, finding it burnt tasting and thin. But amazingly if you take one part Italian roast with three parts of a mild roast (Brasil is good for this) the milder part will as we say in the coffee trade wrap itself round the stronger part. The burnt taste goes into the background, but it makes a mostly mild roast into an interesting medium strength.