Birds and Bee`s Help Boost Coffee Crops Growth

Bee`s Help

A new study involving real-world experiments at 30 coffee farms has found that coffee fruit health and production is dramatically improved with the increased presence of both birds and bees. The research underscores the need to support agroforestry systems in coffee farming — as opposed to deforested monocrop systems — in order to support biodiversity, plant health, and potentially…

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Which? magazine: Coffee Plants’ electricity supplier is greenest

Many companies offering renewable electricity are scamming you. But not Good Energy who supply Coffee Plant. In fact Which?, long established as the UK’s top product testing magazine, rates Good Energy as the top green electricity supplier. Here’s what they say… Renewable electricity tariffs are growing in popularity, and no wonder as we all strive to cut our carbon…

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Don't fall for Greenwashes

A customer asks whether our coffee is shade grown. The answer may surprise you: we don’t ask and don’t know. Here’s why… Recent research indicates that shade grown might not have the benefits claimed. More importantly, we are not able to verify whether coffee is really shade grown. Rather than take claims like this on trust we prefer to…

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