This Month is Plastic Free July!

This month is Plastic Free July! At Coffee Plant we are well aware that plastic waste is highly damaging to the environment. Plastic micro and nano particles could turn out to be literally slow poisons. As a customer you would probably like to know what we are doing about this. The problem is that by now we are all used to plastic laminated hot cups. Retail coffee bags are also made of laminated plastic even when they do look like paper.

Plastic valves are built in, making the empty bag even more difficult to recycle and these valves are essential to maintain freshness over a longer period. We do our best to collect cups used in our shop for recycling and encourage people to use their own containers for both coffee and coffee to take home. Valve packs are unnecessary when the coffee is freshly roasted as ours is. Clearly we all have a long way to go, but as the sage said a long journey starts with a single step…….. Follow the link for ideas and pledge to make a change