What is more important: fixing potholes or fixing the environment?

What is more important: fixing potholes or fixing the environment?

That’s what the Soil Association is asking the new government. They point out that the self described “one nation” government propose to spend  £640 million over 5 years for peatlands and trees in a “Nature for Climate” fund. “This is a good start, but it is worth noting that £2.5 billion has also been pledged for potholes over the same period…”

We don’t blame people for being sceptical about climate change given that the establishment seems unable to tell the truth about pretty much anything, but it’s undeniable that homo sapiens is causing a mass extinction and creating massive global level changes like deforestation.

Coffee Plant believes in the need for radical changes to save the planet, and that is why we try to buy ethically sourced organic coffee beans where we can.

The SA are bravely optimistic:

“The new Conservative government now has an opportunity to show leadership by transforming farming, forestry and food policy. This means joining up the dots between the system change needed to achieve sustainable farming and land use and the change needed to achieve genuinely healthy diets, as well as halving needless food waste.

“Our new government must appoint food and farming ministers with a positive track record on environmental issues. We will continue to work with them to drive real change and urgent action on the climate, nature and health crises we face today.”

So how will we know if the Johnson government is serious?

“Our progress on tackling the climate emergency will become clear when Glasgow hosts the global climate summit in 2020. The time is now to show the UK as a global leader in addressing the climate and nature emergencies.”