Will Coffee Plant be affected by a no-deal Brexit?

Will Coffee Plant be affected by a no deal Brexit? This is a frequent question and the answer is a resounding “We don’t know”!

A few months ago the answer was we will not be at all affected except that the weak pound means prices will have to go up a little at some point.

That’s still the answer but given the close links between the new hard line conservatives here, Trump’s people in the US the various billionaires who are financing them all, we are not quite so sure.

What if Johnson goes ahead with his plans to refuse the £40bn payment to the EU. For the hardliners it makes sense as a threat but the EU sees this as money they are owed, not as a free gift. Let’s remember even a no deal Brexit requires quite a lot of goodwill. What if Macron puts a 20% surcharge on all imports? What if the IRA starts up again?

We will have to see what happens this week. Last week saw a coup. Will there be a successful countercoup?